About Me

I am a senior student major in computer science in University of Michigan and electrical and computer engineering in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. I am very fortunate to work with Professor Andrew Owens as a research assistant at Umich CV lab. Feel free to contact me via email (neymar@umich.edu)!

Computer Vision

As a AI student researcher, I am particularly passionate about how to teach the machine to percept and reason the world arround them.

Human-Computer Interaction

I am also intersted in enhancing the experience of human interacting with computer system, especially through AI and the newly emerging XR tools.


I love music! Recently I am addicted to Kpop. In my spare time, I love playing the piano and singing JJ-Lin's song.


I am a fan of Manchester City team and a fan of Neymar!

Some Interesting Projects

In my undergraduate study, I met lots of great teamates and built some projects that I am pround of. Give a star on our Github Repository if you enjoy it!


This project is with Rahmy Salmon and Kalpit Haresh Sutariya. We build an interactive computer lab simulator in VR using Unreal Engine. It also has a game mode where you can enjoy the same flying experience as Neo did in The Matrix movie.


This project is with Zihao Wei, Yidong Huang, Yuyang Chen. We introduce attention U-net Network Structure into the field of blind real world image super resolution. the generated image can be sharper and with less distortion.

Urban Rush: Making fitness fun with VR

This project is with Rahmy Salmon, Kalpit Haresh Sutariya, Akash Nallani and Ashish Patel. We develop immersive VR experiences aimed at encouraging exercise. Urban Rush lets the player to have fun in a narrative-based exploration while completing activities in a unique, procedurally generated city environment

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