I am an undergraduate student participating in a dual bachelor degree program created by University of Michigan and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.. I study computer science in UofM while studying electrical and computer engineering in SJTU. As a student passionate in computer vision, I am particularly interested in involving languages to solve the missing parts of reasoning ability in vision, correspondence tracking in videos, and human-AI interaction. In my spare time, I'm love musics, soccer and cooking. I am a big fan of Neymar and Twice.

neymar at umich dot edu



Mar. 2023 "EXIF as language" paper was selected as CVPR highlight
Feb. 2023 "EXIF as language" paper was conditionally accepted to CVPR conference
Dec. 2022 Complete my capstone in UofM: Making fitness fun with VR. It's a great fun!

Recent Publications

EXIF as Language: Learning Cross-Modal Associations Between Images and Camera Metadata
Chenhao Zheng, Ayush Shrivastava , Andrew Owens
CVPR 2023 (highlight)

Side Work

Non-Referred Notes & Side Projects

Urban Rush: Making fitness fun with VR
This project was done with Rahmy Salmon, Kalpit Haresh Sutariya, Akash Nallani and Ashish Patel. We develop immersive VR experiences aimed at encouraging exercise. Urban Rush lets the player to have fun in a narrative-based exploration while completing activities in a unique, procedurally generated city environment

This project was done with Zihao Wei, Yidong Huang, Yuyang Chen. We introduce attention U-net Network Structure into the field of blind real world image super resolution. the generated image can be sharper and with less distortion.

This project was done with Rahmy Salmon and Kalpit Haresh Sutariya. We build an interactive computer lab simulator in VR using Unreal Engine. It also has a game mode where you can enjoy the same flying experience as Neo did in The Matrix movie.